Welcome to the baby-food revolution

Hello and thank you for stopping by – Simona and I would like to welcome you. We live in a busy world bombarded with messages about convenience and on-the-go mentality when it comes to eating. Food is everywhere around us and because of its availability we start to believe it is socially acceptable to consume it at all times. This is especially true when we are busy getting everything on our to-do lists done, excelling professionally, running households, raising children and trying to keep our sanity at the same time.

I cannot deny the benefits of living in today’s world. However, when it comes to food, I believe in going back to basics. I really like baking – something I picked up from my grandmother. My childhood memories are filled with watching her prepare delicious treats for my sister and I. Back in the 90s when I was growing up, processed food was an unknown term. During those times, there was no store-bought solution to preparing meals. You got your basic ingredients and you started cooking – from scratch. And it was so worth it – the joy of running around and helping prepare the food, the amazing aroma filling the house and, finally, the unbeatable taste of freshness and quality.

Fast forward 30 years – raising my first-born daughter in Northern New Jersey with the abundance of products and services to make your life easier. When she showed me she was ready to move on to solids, I picked up the bag of organic carrots, boiled and pureed a few of them, added some breast milk to thin the puree and reluctantly moved the spoon to her mouth. She happily took the first, second, third and all the spoons following. I remember I got scared she had too much after she took in a couple of ounces of carrot puree. It was exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Simona willingly ate everything I offered and still does (with the exception of cod so far- she did not care for that at all). As long as it was made by me. We were on a family trip to Park City, Utah a couple of months into her starting solids and I bought some vegetable purees for the trip. She took one bite of the first puree and that was all it took to refuse the rest. I can’t speculate if it’s because of my cooking skills or her sophisticated (lol) palate. All I know was she wanted something different.

So that is when and how my journey began – with each meal I plan and prepare for her, I strive to offer the necessary nutrients for her health and growth, exciting flavors to challenge her tastes but most importantly, I want her to learn to appreciate food. I want her to know the enjoyment of making something with your own hands, the flavors, colors and smells of each season, and the benefits of being nutritionally-intelligent. I believe this is my responsibility as her parent. She will have plenty of opportunities to make food choices for herself but it is my task to give her the necessary tools to know what she is choosing.

So enjoy what we have prepared for you. You will find helpful information and recipes for delicious homemade food for your baby and toddler. Have a question? Leave us a comment or write to us at feedingsimona@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!

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