Couscous for breakast

I have a secret to share – I love any sort of pasta. I have a feeling Simona shares my love for all pasta products. After she passed the 8 month mark, I noticed she was ready to try different textures in her food. While I was still a bit apprehensive to offer chunkier food for fear of choking, I wanted to slowly introduce food that was not smooth or pureed. So I was at the store one day when I came across a jar of Moroccan couscous, which is a bit smaller in size than regular couscous. Below you can see a quick and easy recipe great for breakfast or afternoon snack:

1 cup cooked Moroccan couscous

1/4 cup feta cheese (desalinated) , crumbled

1/4 tsp ghee

Cook couscous according to directions. Add ghee and crumbled feta cheese, mix well and serve. Make sure couscous has cooled off before serving.

Note: Keep in mind the feta cheese in brine is too salty for babies. My recommendation is to take a small piece of cheese and let it sit in fresh water (different water than the one it comes in) for at least 24 hours before giving it to your baby.

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