Choosing fat

Toddlers under the age of 2 need fat to be able to develop and reach milestones. About 2/3 of their brains are made up of fat and without it, it may not develop as it should. In the early months of starting solids, I wanted to add more taste to her vegetables and thought offering butter would be a good source of fat for her while also switching up the flavor exposure. In the beginning, I used organic, grass-fed butter but further into this endeavor I discovered ghee. Essentially, it is a clarified butter mostly used in Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisine. I like using it to add flavor to vegetables while at the same time making sure Simona gets fat in her diet to help her grow. Cooking with ghee is great because it smell wonderful and makes food taste rich without being too heavy. In addition to its health benefits, it is financially a better option since a jar of ghee can last much longer (in my experience) than a box of butter.

Another excellent option for adding fat to baby and toddler diet is avocado. Simona loves it so much, it has been my go to item many times. Since turning 1, I’ve used avocado on toast for breakfast or as part of other meals.

Don’t be afraid of offering your baby or toddler fat – just make sure it is as close to nature as possible.



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