Breakfast for champions

Breakfast is becoming a bit more challenging after passing the 12 months mark. On one hand, Simona’s appetite is growing quicker so we have a shorter window to react and prepare food. At the same time, she is demanding chunkier/harder consistencies in her food, so purees and cereals no longer make the cut. The below idea helps you quickly get food on the table – I especially love it since it allows me to break up the food in pieces and let Simona feeds herself. What’s better than having a nice cup of coffee in the morning while watching your toddler feed herself?


  1. Lightly warm/toast 1 piece of sourdough/whole wheat/rye bread. Spread 1 tsp of ghee and sprinkle with paprika, dry parsley and thyme
  2. Fry 1 egg, make sure the yolk is fully cooked and not runny
  3. If you want to diversify your child’s drinking routing, start introducing warm tea (make sure it’s not hot) at breakfast. We like to use herbal (chamomile, mint as well as any combination herbs) tea – it has a great aroma and it’s easy on Simona’s tummy


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