Toddler getaway at 12 months

Traveling with a baby can be stressful enough – is the baby going to freak out because she missed nap time? Will there be a lot of crying on the plane? What if the flight is delayed? How am I going to stop her from licking everything in her sight? Whoa! Why did I ever think this was a good idea? The last thing you want to think and stress about is what on earth she is going to eat. I’ve done this exercise twice before – at 2 months and at 6 months. We decided to go on an extended weekend trip with our 1 year old to Charlotte, North Carolina and this time around it was a bit tougher. On one hand, it is difficult to contain her to one place for more than 20 seconds while on the other we had to map out what food to bring with us and how likely she was to eat it. What I did in advance was to plan her meals based on the following criteria:

  • Is it easily transportable?
  • Is it easily heated and can it last in the fridge for the duration of the trip/or when she is supposed to eat it?
  • Will it provide her with variety (i.e. how likely is she to eat the same thing twice in a day?)
  • What left overs do I have in the freezer that can be easily transported?

I was a bit stressed out prior to us leaving but yet again I prove myself wrong – I need to just take a breath and relax. The baby won’t starve and we will figure it out. Since she always wants to try what’s on our plates, this trip she got exposed to new flavors such as BBQ ribs and miso soup. In addition, the cauliflower patties recipe along with plain yogurt thaws pretty well and it saved dinner while mom and dad had a nice set of ribs.

So take a breath, buckle up and just go. Everything will be OK – try to enjoy the change in scenery as much as you can!

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