Traveling and eating – 14 months

I love traveling and exploring new places. I believe it has shaped my character and my view on the world. I was 14 when I first traveled internationally and I still remember the excitement of that first plane right. Since having a child, I’m that much more driven to show her the world and build lifelong memories she can cherish. So, we’ve added another place to Simona’s passport this past Easter break – Montreal, Canada. As the last time we were gearing up to travel, this time was no different. I had to plan all her meals, choose what to bring and what produce I would have to source locally. In addition, I left a couple of meals empty knowing she would want to explore whatever we were eating. Little did I know, she would not eat ANY of the food we brought. Why, one must ask? Well, who knows?! Teething, baby puberty, developmental leap, general toddler BS – you name it, it’s probably all true. So, imagine my surprise when we boarded the plane to Montreal right around lunch time, busted open Simona’s lunch box only to see her take a few bites. The rest ended on me or on the floor. I figured she was too excited about flying, all the people around her and the things she could touch, like or kick. Well, not so fast mama. The same thing repeated at dinner time too. My husband and I looked at each other and just offered our food (or at least tried to get her to eat something). In case you recognize your own child so far, here’s a tip for you – choose where you eat according to what you’re willing to give your toddler. At this point, I know Simona is interested to try new things (i.e. different taste than what we usually offer at home). So when we found ourselves in this predicament, I already had a game plan in mind. It’s worth mentioning that this is not something new – she does the same thing at home from time to time. The only difference being there are no other options. Either she eats now or she eats later when she gets hungry. We offered the food we brought a couple of more times to no avail. Luckily for us, Montreal offers a great food scene. We stayed right between Old Montreal and Chinatown, walking distance to all sorts of unique places. From the very tasty, old fashioned dumplings at Mai Xiang Yuan to the oh-so-good breakfast at Le Cartet, Simona tasted her way through the city. Along with her, we had some wonderful food and met some of the nicest people. Sometimes, even the greatest plans fail but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring. Just come up with a plan B and it will all work out at the end!

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