Savory Sunday Muffins

I love Sundays, especially when the baby decides to be happy, even though she woke us up at the crack of dawn. This morning, Simona was especially cheerful and cooperative and gave me a moment to make breakfast. Below you can find a recipe for savory muffins with a little twist – yogurt instead of milk. What I liked about it was that the muffins felt light and soft. Simona had 2 of them! Given her recent strikes on food, I call this great success. Hope you enjoy these muffins!


2 cups flour (you can use any type you want, just keep in mind flours such as whole wheat, whole grain, rye, etc. may be a bit heavier and they may not rise. My suggestion is to use half/half with white flour to get the desired consistency)

1 cup plain yogurt

½ cup olive oil

2 garlic cloves, minced well

½ cup chopped green onions

1 tsp baking soda

2 eggs, beaten

Salt, oregano

1 cup shredded parmesan cheese


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F (180 C)
  2. Pour yogurt into a separate bowl and add baking soda. Mix well – the yogurt should start bubbling
  3. Add eggs to the yogurt and mix well
  4. Start adding the flour slowly while mixing at the same time. Make sure there are no clumps and the flour has incorporated well.
  5. Half way through adding the flour, add the garlic, green onions, salt, oregano and ½ cup parmesan cheese. Mix well
  6. Continue adding the rest of the flour, incorporate well.
  7. The dough should be sticky and loose. If it’s too loose, add more flour; if it’s too dense and bread-like, add more yogurt.
  8. Add about a tablespoon-full of the muffin mix to well-oiled muffin pan (you can use cupcake/muffin liners or paper). Another option is to cook in a bread loaf pan (especially if you have left over mix, as I did)
  9. Sprinkle with remaining parmesan cheese
  10. Bake 25-30 min, until golden brown and the toothpick comes out clean when you insert it in the middle of the muffin.

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