Traveling and eating – 15 months


As I’ve mentioned before in my posts, I love travelling. It is one of the few things that gets me really excited. Travelling is not only something my husband and I do for fun, but living away from our family and close friends makes it a necessity. Now, I can guess that travelling – internationally!, with a toddler is not something many parents will consider “fun”. Believe me, it’s no fun for me either. However, I always tell myself the experience and memories we will make outweighs a few hours of misery. So, here we were, planning our European vacation with a 15-month old toddler. Aside from all the planning and packing of clothes, diapers, equipment, I had to make a meal plan for the road/air. Since Simona seems to go through various stages of eating/not eating, I wanted to be sure I have meal options she would eat and were easy to travel with. And by easy to travel with, I mean easy to feed her in the confined space of an airplane. I do have a glorious story about how my husband spilled Simona’s food all over the floor of the plane, travelling to Montreal, but I’ll leave that for another time.

Below is what I came up with, which covered 1 dinner, 1 breakfast and mid-morning snack:

Roasted red potatoes, cubed

Pasta wheels with pesto sauce

Mozzarella bread rolls (that we actually forgot in the fridge!) – recipe to come soon

Cut fruit – apples and pears

A couple of bananas

Organic fruit pouches – I use these for travelling only, because they save my sanity and keep Simona’s hands occupied. Year to date, they have prevented 2 massive meltdowns during security check.

For her dinner, Simona ate half of the pasta and half of the potatoes, which was pretty shocking since she’d been such a picky eater lately. So, all in all, food-wise, it was a successful trip.


Now, I do want to share some of our experience this time around that may be helpful for some of you planning travel this summer:

Our flight was the Friday before Memorial Day. Although, we left for the airport around 2 pm, the traffic build-up on the way to JFK was ridiculous. It took us over 2 hours to drive 20 miles, we almost missed our flight check-in and were greeted with very unfriendly security personnel at the security check point. I ended up arguing with one who was mad he had to search through a back pack full of baby food and water. He even had the audacity to explain exactly why it was my fault we were running late. If only I hadn’t brought all of “this food and water”, it would have been so much faster. I swear, some people… Anyway, I did “apologize” for the fact my child had to eat and drink… and we were on our way.

Also, note to self, even if the baby/toddler fits the weight requirements of the bassinet, they will most likely not fit in there. We found out the hard way and Simona slept on me for most of the long haul flight. Despite a rocky start to our trip, we had the most amazing time at home with the people closest to us. I hope everyone enjoys their summer and makes amazing memories!


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