Why we choose organic food

My husband and I have always considered ourselves healthy eaters. Our definition of healthy means no soft drinks, limited sugar and salt, home cooked meals most of the time (weeknight dinners at home), no fried or fast food, fresh produce… in other words,  a balanced diet with limited processed foods. While i would cheat here and there to satisfy a particular craving at a time, I’ve always tried to stay on the right path. Since we became parents,  food quality became even more important for us. I started making my own baby food mainly because of quality and nutritional concerns. Since the first day , I’ve always been vigilant about choosing either organic or local produce. Milk and eggs must be organic. The quality of meat is especially important in today’s mass producing and consuming society. There have been many reports about the health concerns from GMOs, pesticides and antibiotics in our food.
I recently saw a post saying “Organic food is the cheapest because you only pay for it once”. I believe that and for that reason I choose organic for my family. I have been lucky enough to see and taste fruits, vegetables and meat grown at home. Since we don’t live in a farm and make our own food, I feel it is my responsibility to choose the best and cleanest possible food out there.
Even though I don’t necessarily specify that in my recipes, all of the produce and meat I’ve made them with are organic and/or locally sourced. I have also been trying to follow which produce is seasonal and incorporate it in our meals. This one is particularly harder as there is so much variety in stores all year long. I found this helpful article that talks about the differences between organic vs. non organic. So, discover your local farmers market or search for local farmers near by. You may be surprised at what you find!
Side note on local farmers markets: unless specified, produce from local farmers markets are not organic. However, my logic in purchasing from them is that the product didn’t have to travel a long way to get to my table. In addition, the produce is always seasonal and since most of these farmers are not mass producing, hopefully they don’t use chemicals to boost their production unnecessarily.

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